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Игорная Лицензия Кюрасоа

Tobique Gambling License

Tobique license is issued for a period of 1 year and requires an annual renewal.

Despite this, Tobique's gambling license is one of the most profitable and easy to obtain, with an extensive geography of states in which licensees can do business.
Gambling licenses
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The reasons for the popularity of the Tobique license in 2024.

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in which the licensees' possible business activities. Obtaining a permit from the regulatory authority of this territory does not allow gambling activities to be carried out only in the USA, Great Britain, in two regions of Canada, and states from the FATF list (North Korea, Iran, etc.).
The reasons why newcomers often choose Tobique as the licensing authority include the following points:
The minimum time for obtaining it.
It takes only a few weeks from the moment of submitting an application to its consideration and when all the conditions for obtaining a Tobique gambling license are met.
The vast geography of the states
A wide range of available online games.
Tobique license holders get the opportunity to offer poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sports betting, lotteries, and other games online to their visitors.
and other taxes except for license fees (receipt and annual renewal). It is also worth noting separately that Tobique's license fees are significantly lower than those of other licensing options.
Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR)
Strict compliance with legislation and legal norms in the course of their professional business activities is an essential requirement for Tobique Licensees

The process of obtaining a gambling license

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Preparation of documentation. The applicant is obliged to collect and prepare a complete set of documents required by the registrar body.
Application for a gambling license. A standardized application form is filled out by a representative of a potential gambling operator and sent electronically to the address of the regulatory body in Tobique;
Due Diligence and data verification by TGC officials;
The algorithm for obtaining a gambling permit from the Tobique territory includes the following steps:
Obtaining a license. If all of the above were performed without violations, the applicant for a permit receives it and becomes a Tobique licensee with the right to carry out online gaming activities
Monitoring of operational activities. TGC monitors and monitors the activities of its licensees.
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