Tobique Gambling License

After Curacao has strengthened requirements for issuing the gambling licenses, many of persons and entities, willing to launch this business, expectedly started to look for alternative ways to obtain authorization documentation. In this regard, Licensing Gaming specialists suggest taking a closer look at the Tobique Gambling License as one of the most profitable and easiest to obtain.

Tobique Valley (original name Tobique Valley) is an area inhabited by the First Nations of Canada. Located in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, this territory is governed directly by a local council and a leader elected from among the local residents. They independently resolve a number of issues, which recently (in particular, from 2023) also include licensing the online gambling.

Established for these functions implementation, the Tobique Gaming Commission (TGC) shall manage all gambling-related activities, and not only on its territory. They shall monitor compliance with the rules, protect the interests of players, and regulate the licensing issues. The issues of trading licenses for remote activities, selling specialized software for betting and online casinos, etc. shall be also within the competence of TGC.

Reasons for Popularity of Tobique License in 2024

The reasons why newcomers often choose Tobique as their licensing body shall include the following:

· Extensive geography of states in which licensees shall be entitled to conduct business activities. Obtaining authorization from the regulatory body of this territory shall not allow gambling activities only in the USA, Great Britain, two regions of Canada and states from the FATF's list (North Korea, Iran and others).

· Minimal terms of obtainment. From the moment of submitting an application to its consideration and, if all the conditions are met, to obtaining the Tobique Gambling License, only a few weeks shall pass.

· Wide range of available online games. The Tobique License holders shall be entitled to offer poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, sports betting, lotteries and other games online to their visitors.

· No profits tax (GGR) or other taxes except for license fees (obtainment and annual renewal). It is also worth noting that the Tobique License fees shall be perceptibly lower than those of other licensing options.

Requirements for Tobique Gambling License

The license to organize gambling from this territory may only be obtained if the applicant organization meets a number of criteria and requirements. The most important of them shall be the following:

1. Operating experience and impeccable reputation. Persons listed among the founders and managers shall not have a criminal record. They must also prove experience availability and certain skills in the online gambling.

2. Financial support. In spite of the high level of profitability of this business, the applicant shall confirm availability of some kind of “financial cushion” allowing it to fulfil its obligations to the players in the event of large winnings. To do this, representatives of the regulator shall be provided with a bank an account statement or other evidences proving the legitimacy of the applicant’s money.

3. Providing valid documents of the company and top officials of the company. The applicant shall be required to provide the regulator with the requested identification documents of directors, founders, majority shareholders and other key persons of the company, as well as the company’s constituent and corporate documents.

4. Confirmation of purchase of certified gaming software (software). An important requirement shall be the purchase of licensed software for online games from its official developers (iTechLabs, GLI and BMM Testlabs).

5. Compliance of the applicant’s website with established requirements (website compliance). The functionality, design, security of the payment system, availability of player support, and other factors and components of the resource shall be checked.

6. Compliance of instruments with internal gambling policies. The site and gaming software shall be checked for compliance with the requirements of the Responsible Gaming Policy, anti-fraud, user personal data privacy requirements, AML policy, etc.

Process of Obtaining Tobique Gambling License

The algorithm for obtaining the gambling authorization from Tobique territory shall include the following steps:

· Documentation preparation. The applicant shall be obliged to collect and prepare a complete package of documents required by the registrar-body. This shall include identification documents of the organizers or majority shareholders, documents confirming place of residence, certificates of no criminal record, bank statements or other financial documents. The list shall also include the documentation which may confirm the experience and qualifications of the organizers in online gambling, as well as certificates for the purchased gaming software;

· Application for obtainment of Gaming License. A standardized application form shall be filled out by a representative of a potential gambling operator and sent electronically to the address of the regulatory body in Tobique;

· Due Diligence and data verification by TGC officials;

· Obtaining License. If all of the abovementioned has been completed without violations, the applicant for the authorization shall obtain it and become a Tobique licensee entitled to carry out gaming activities on the Internet online. In the course of its activities, it must comply with the norms and frames specified by the obtained license;

· Monitoring of operational activities. TGC shall fulfil control and monitoring of the activities of its licensees. Periodic financial audits and operational reviews will become an inevitable reality for the operator which has obtained such an authorization to organize online gambling.

Compliance with Legislation and Legal Regulations

Strict compliance with legislation and legal regulations in the course of their professional business activities shall be an integral requirement applying to all market operators. Tobique licensees shall not be exception in this regard. They shall be also subject to the rules established by the local regulator aimed at protecting the rights of players and the financial stability of the company organizing online gambling.

The stipulated responsibilities of the operating company shall also include the use of only certified gaming software, verification of the identity and age of registered players in order to prevent minors from playing. In addition, operators must ensure the security of players' personal information, strictly adhere to anti-money laundering protocols, and comply with other regulations. Therefore, a company which has already received the Tobique license for the online gambling must systematically monitor the rules and requirements of the regulator in order to obtain the possibility of renewing the authorization. It will also help you to avoid fines (frequently very large) and to successfully develop and scale your launched bu