Anjouan Gaming License as Alternative to Curacao License

2024 turned out to be rich in various events, including those which determine the gambling licensing market. Thus, in particular, the previously rather liberal Curacao license will be issued according to new, more stringent, rules. Therefore, this licensing option becomes quite difficult for implementation by new players. Are there any alternative options for newcomers willing to get into this market?

Of course there are! Experts from Licensing Gaming (and not only them) see the Anjouan Island License as such an alternative.

License of Curacao and Anjouan: History of Issue in Dynamics

Previously, it had been the license of the island of Curacao which had been presenting a popular “entry point” into the gambling business for many new operators. This had been accounted for by an inexpensive price and promptness of resolving the issue of registering authorization documentation. And at present, the rules of the game, dictated by the local regulator, shall change towards more complexity. Those Curacao licensees which already have licenses were given a six-month period to study the innovations. But those which have been just planning to formalize the authorization for operating in the gambling market through this offshore will for sure look for a simpler and more accessible option as the “entry point”. In this regard, island of Anjouan shall be one of the most promising solutions to such searches.

Anjouan is an island in the Indian Ocean, equidistant from Mozambique and Madagascar, being part of the Comoros Archipelago. Although the name of this island is relatively new on the gambling market, its license has been available since the beginning of 2005. It was then that, at the legislative level, the government of the Comorian State adopted a resolution on licensing computer games.

Benefits and Specifics of Anjouan License

The key differences between the Anjouan License and, let us say, an authorization to operate the gambling business from Kahnawake and Malta shall be:

· Promptness and simplified obtainment process;

· Its affordable cost for the new companies wishing to build their activities in the field of gambling;

· Operation on the all-inclusive principle. Licensees of Anjouan shall be entitled to organize all forms of gambling – lotto, bingo, online casinos, gambling, etc. For comparison, in Malta, for example, each new game shall require a separate license.

In addition, this version of the authorization for conduction of gambling business shall have the following specifics:

· The Anjouan Gaming License shall be valid for one calendar year. After this period, it shall be renewed;

· The cost of the authorization for conduction of the gambling business from the authorities of this island shall consist about 25 thousand US dollars;

· It may be formalized by companies fulfilling their activities in the B2C and B2B spheres;

· The obtained gambling authorization shall be valid for two URLs;

· According to the terms of its obtainment, sublicensing shall be prohibited;

· The operator's gambling business shall not pay any GGR (gross gaming revenue) tax or VAT.

In order to become the Anjouan licensee, applicants must provide the relevant body with a business plan for the resource development, the terms and provisions of the platform, proofs of implementation of measures to comply with the provisions of the operation principle Know Your Customer (KYC) , the principles of Anti-Money Laundering (AML), principles of fair play and preventing minors from participating in games.

Moreover, the applicants for the Anjouan License shall undergo reputation assessment, vital background checks, and assessment of website characteristics basing on results of technical expert examinations. If necessary, game participants should be provided with information support at the relevant centres or consular services of the island. This is a requirement of one of the paragraphs set out in the principles of fair play. Its implementation shall be aimed at preventing the appearance of gambling addiction among players using the services of the operating company.

Licensing Gaming specialists are ready to consult you on any questions you may have regarding the licensing mechanisms in this sphere. Our professional assistance and recommendations on formalizing authorization documentation will help you to launch a legal business, and to use the funds saved with our help for marketing and creation of the relevant gaming platform.

The Anjouan Island License is your prompt and affordable start in the international gaming business! It is a rational solution for the new operators in the gambling market, which will open up new prospects for your company.