6 reasons for the Anjouan License Obtainment in 2024

Obtaining the Anjouan License in 2024 has become one of the most requested and discussed topics among representatives of the gambling community and potential participants in the gambling industry. The reason for this interest has become a change in the rules of the Curacao licensing regime adopted by the island government. As an alternative to the option which has lost its former attractiveness for new participants in the gambling market, Licensing Gaming experts shall recommend considering the option of obtaining such an authorization from the authorities of island of Anjouan.

It is worth noting that the Anjouan Gambling License is not new. Its issuance by Anjouan has been carried out since 2005, when the island government adopted the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007/2005. With its entry into force, the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB) appeared, entitled to issue the relevant authorizations. Previously, for a number of reasons, it had been remaining in the shadows and had not been the most popular. But due to the increasing complexity of the conditions for obtaining the authorization to organize a gambling business under the jurisdiction of Curacao, namely this option shall be among the most attractive due to the following reasons.

Reasons for Popularity of Anjouan License in 2024

Let's consider in more details the reasons why the newcomers to this market shall turn their attention to the proposed licensing option for their activities. There shall be several of them:

1. Universality in terms of geography of Anjouan licensees. The latter shall obtain the opportunity to operate almost all over the world, with the exception of the USA, Australia, Comoros and six European countries (Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and France). Thus, the potential of such a solution shall be enormous.

2. One authorization shall cover all types of gambling at once. Thus, its availability shall allow the owner to offer its players a wide range of gambling products – poker, sports betting, baccarat, online casinos, etc.

3. Low license fee. Access to entry into the market shall be one of the key factors allowing the organization of online casinos and other games not only for representatives of large capital.

4. Simplicity of the licensing process. Anyone can understand the procedure and what documents shall be required when submitting the application. If necessary, Licensing Gaming consultants will provide consulting services on any issues regarding obtaining the Anjouan Gambling License.

5. Promptness of obtaining the authorization. The period of three weeks (!) from submitting the application and documentation package to obtaining the license is almost a record among all the other options.

6. Zero profits tax rate (GGR) for Anjouan licensees.