Additional Services
Launching an online casino is such a complex undertaking. So many things to take into account and so many ways to go wrong. This is especially true for the first-time companies lacking experience in cost-effective setup and legal issues. Our company specializes in providing a 360-degree support for online gambling companies. First of all, we help you choose the right jurisdiction for your online casino and apply for its license. We also calculate the costs for you and offer the best solutions to minimize the setup expenses. But we do even more that that! Having worked with plenty of companies, we know where the biggest challenges lie and solve them effectively.
Registering an offshore company
In addition to getting you a gambling license, we also help you with registering an offshore company in any of the jurisdictions anywhere in the world. Different countries have different requirements and we know them all. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, registering a company with us is quick and inexpensive.
Opening a bank account
Of course, for any online gambling company a bank account is a necessary prerequisite towards a smooth, full-scale operation. We will open you a European bank account to power your financial transactions in the eurozone.
Opening a merchant account
Another important tool for an online casino is a merchant account. It allows you to accept payments from players and different credit cards. The procedure is not that easy but we can ensure everything is done quickly.
Personalized service
Our team is dedicated to delivering an excellent customer service. If you need a hand with anything related to online gambling, shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you asap.
Still have questions?
Contact us and we will help you to understand all the nuances